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We design the future

Since 1997, we aim to design modern architecture with poetic grace, enhancing lives through inspiring, functional spaces that uplift daily experiences.


Our architectural studio is a beacon of modern and visionary design, seamlessly integrating innovation with client-centric solutions. We thrive across diverse domains, crafting spaces that resonate with contemporary needs and future aspirations.


Our approach is rooted in understanding and sensitivity, ensuring each project reflects the unique desires and requirements of our clients. We are committed to creating sustainable, inspiring environments that harmonize functionality with aesthetic excellence, shaping spaces where dreams and reality converge beautifully.


In evidence

With over 25 years of design experience, our architectural studio presents a portfolio showcasing our expertise. Each project reflects our commitment to innovative, functional, and aesthetically captivating solutions that enhance everyday life.

014_GaS Studio_Casa di Langa_Ph_Saverio Lombardi_Internal Courtyardprova.jpg

Casa di Langa
" A jewel in the Piedmont campaign...

S2C_GaS Studio_01.jpg

S2C Headquarter
"A new crystal palace situated in...

GaS Studio_Ploom_008_.jpg

Ploom Milan
The innovative store, located at...

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